2016 will be a difficult year for Apple

2016 will be a difficult year for Apple 2

2016 will be a difficult year for Apple

Entering the mobile industry since 2007, Apple is considered successful in redefining the concept of smartphones, making it an `inseparable item` for many people.

The latest report from Credit Suisse predicts that 2016 will be the first time iPhone sales have declined since the first model shipped.

Apple is looking for customers who are former Android users.

There are many reasons leading to optimistic predictions for Apple’s business situation, of which the saturation of the general market is one of the leading impacts.

Apple realized this early on and CEO Tim Cook is especially interested in the number of Android users.

Since September 2014, Apple has been trying to entice Android users to switch to iPhone, by launching a website with instructions for switching between the two platforms.

Business Insider further emphasized: `Apple is running everywhere to sell iPhones. And because their devices are good, users are not very interested in upgrading every year.`

Pacific Crest’s report in August said that Apple will not be able to rebuild growth and investors need to prepare for a decline in 2016. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI Securities also said

2016 will be a difficult year for Apple

iPhone sales from 2007 to 2015 have always been on an upward graph.

However, there are still assessments that believe in Apple’s growth in 2016. As usual, iPhone 7 (predicted name) will be a major upgrade compared to iPhone 6s and it will easily achieve high sales.

Editor Horace Dediu of the Cult of Mac site said that Apple continues to do well in luring Android users to switch to the iPhone, so potential customers are still there.

Dediu analyzed: `We can see Apple’s difference despite the saturated general market. The PC market has grown continuously since 1974 and stagnated since 2010. Meanwhile, the growth of Mac computers

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