2.5 points in each subject still passed the 10th grade in Hanoi public

2.5 points in each subject still passed the 10th grade in Hanoi public 13

2.5 points in each subject still passed the 10th grade in Hanoi public

On the afternoon of July 31, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training announced the benchmark scores for public 10th grade admission.

Among Hanoi’s 113 public high schools, 6 schools scored above 40, 45 schools scored between 30-39.75, 53 schools scored between 20 and 29.75 and 9 schools scored below 20. Chu Van An High School scored

According to Hanoi’s method of calculating admission scores (Math and Literature coefficient 2, English coefficient 1), the maximum score a candidate can achieve is 50. To get into the top 10 schools, candidates must score 7,

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If considering the average score of 5 points per subject, 80/113 schools have a standard score of 25 or higher, accounting for 70.8%, the remaining 33 schools have a standard score of less than 25. Schools with an average standard score of less than 5 are concentrated in

Area 12 is also the area with the lowest standard score with 5/9 schools under 20 points, of which Dai Cuong High School scored 12.5, an average of 2.5 points per subject.

Considering the average benchmark score of schools in each district, Cau Giay is the highest with 39.13, followed by Hoan Kiem 38.88 and Tay Ho 38.75.

Taking into account the highest benchmark score of each area, the difference between the inner city and the suburbs is also clear.

Some schools in the group with scores lower than 25 have aspirations even lower than the target such as Dai Cuong (target 280, profile 233), Luu Hoang (target 320, profile 291), Thuong Cat (target 540

Mr. Ha Xuan Nham, Principal of Phan Huy Chu High School – Dong Da, estimates that if we divide the average scores of each subject, this year’s 10th grade standard score is not lower than last year, some schools like Thang Long High School are even higher.

Sharing his opinion that schools in the same area have relatively large differences in standard scores, about 4-18 points, he said that this helps students choose a school that suits their learning ability.

Regarding the difference in standard scores between the inner city and the suburbs, Mr. Nham commented that this is not new and is a common situation in many provinces and cities, not just Hanoi.

The leader of Phan Huy Chu High School – Dong Da said that to improve the quality of education and narrow the gap between localities, the responsibility does not only belong to the education sector.

Students take the public 10th grade entrance exam in Hanoi in the 2020-2021 school year.

The 2020 public high school entrance exam for grade 10 in Hanoi took place on July 17-18 with three subjects: Math, Literature and Foreign Language, one less than last year.

This year, the entire city has more than 107,000 students considering graduating from secondary school, of which 88,920 students take the 10th grade entrance exam. 113 public schools recruit 64,110 quotas, public autonomy nearly 2,800.

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