6 ways to help children go to school without pressure

6 ways to help children go to school without pressure 11

6 ways to help children go to school without pressure

Many parents expect their children to quickly adapt to school and happily go to school.

Below are suggestions from Dr. Ha Thi My Hanh (genetic consultant at Genetica Company, Ho Chi Minh City) to help your child happily go to class and integrate with friends and teachers.

Adjust your child’s schedule

Adjusting diet and sleep cycle are two important things when your child enters a new school year.

Dr. Hanh said that through the gene decoding service at Genetica, about 60% of people have a high tendency to insomnia.

Prepare mentally for school

When entering a new school or meeting new friends, children need time to adapt.

Parents should give their children hugs and comforts.

For children who are often distracted and distracted, parents train their children to arrange things neatly and orderly.

Learn what children want, avoid achievement pressure

Children will enjoy doing what they love, and the same goes for studying.

Your child’s favorite subjects create excitement.

Every parent wants their children to study well, be useful to society, and succeed in the future.

Take time for your child to have fun

Doctor My Hanh shared more, there are children who are new to grade 4-5 but are already fully scheduled for the whole week with regular school hours, extra classes, English lessons, aptitude lessons… Studying is stressful, not allowed.

Become a `companion`.

Being friends with their children, parents will understand what their children want, need and what they can achieve.

To understand their children, parents often have to perform tests and experience many situations.

6 ways to help children go to school without pressure

Children have a lot of potential if parents know how to create conditions for their children to develop.

Enhance children’s resistance

When your baby sneezes, has a runny nose… droplets can spread through the air and contact surfaces.

Other factors such as eating a nutritious diet and increasing the supply of vitamins and minerals through food are also helpful.

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