A series of Chinese vaccines await WHO approval

A series of Chinese vaccines await WHO approval 7

A series of Chinese vaccines await WHO approval

WHO said pharmaceutical company CanSino, which owns the one-dose Ad5-nCoV vaccine, began sending aggregate data earlier this month.

SinoPharm also submitted an application for approval of a second vaccine to WHO.

On May 31, the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products said it had begun establishing a new factory to increase Covid-19 vaccine production capacity to at least 1 billion doses.

Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products Company also sent vaccine information to WHO, but was asked to provide more detailed data.

WHO will review the vaccines of all three companies before making an official decision.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the decision to urgently approve the vaccines of SinoPharm and SinoVac from WHO creates a foundation for China to support the global fight against Covid-19, while narrowing the vaccine gap between rich and poor countries.

China has sold vaccines to many developing countries, especially in Latin America.

Mexican health workers are vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine from CanSino, China.

`The world needs many vaccines to prevent Covid-19 to address the global vaccination gap,` said Mariângela Simão, assistant director of WHO.

Covax will only use approved vaccines.

Anthony Zwi, professor of global health and development at the University of New South Wales, said that if WHO approves China’s Covid-19 vaccine, it will help solve the shortage problem facing Covax.

`Safe and effective vaccines from many countries, distributed through Covax, can make an important contribution to preventing vaccine nationalism and the negative effects of vaccine diplomacy,` he said.

Nicholas Thomas, an associate professor at the University of Hong Kong, commented: `The discussions around the SinoVac vaccine are basically the same as SinoPharm. WHO is concerned about the outbreak in India and the variants. The SinoVac vaccine has

China is also racing to meet domestic vaccination needs.

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