Agent 007 ‘Spectre’ is mysterious and nostalgic

Agent 007 'Spectre' is mysterious and nostalgic 2

Agent 007 ‘Spectre’ is mysterious and nostalgic

The first teaser of the 24th blockbuster about James Bond – Specter – was announced on March 27.

The movie teaser begins with James Bond receiving a mysterious message from the past that forces him to go back to his old life and investigate the long-standing global criminal and terrorist organization – Spectre.

The new part about James Bond will be nostalgic and mysterious.

The image of James Bond in the movie poster shows the character dressed like Bond of the 1970s, in the episode Live and Let Die (1973).

The movie teaser also reveals that James Bond must face a coalition of enemies.

The Forbes affirms that the 007 series is popular partly because it absorbs popular action movies from each decade.

The new film also marks a change in the role of spy M. Since Skyfall, star Judi Dench has lost her eyesight and cannot transform into the head of the British intelligence agency MI6.

Two Bond beauties – Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci, have not appeared much in the new teaser.

Agent 007 'Spectre' is mysterious and nostalgic

First teaser of blockbuster 007 ‘Spectre’

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