Aston Martin – the remaining British elegance

Aston Martin - the remaining British elegance 1

Aston Martin – the remaining British elegance

With James Bond, his cunning and spy qualities are perfectly concealed by his outward pomp and elegance.

Actor Sean Connery with the Aston Martin DB5 in the 1964 movie Goldfinger. Photo: Everett Collection

Before filming began for the movie Goldfinger (1964), the producers sent Aston Martin a proposal to produce a car specifically for the movie in the 007 spy series. David Brown, the owner of the British car company at that time, directly

Legendary film production designer Ken Adam personally had to convince Aston Martin’s boss that the car wouldn’t just sit in the background.

Ken Adam’s perseverance was rewarded when he received the nod from David Brown.

Long fate

After World War I, Robert Bamford withdrew, leaving his friend Lionel Martin alone to steer the Aston Martin boat that the two created in 1913. The company quickly fell into bankruptcy but was saved by Louis Zborowski, a

Aston Martin - the remaining British elegance

The Aston Martin Bunny on the Brookland racetrack in 1922. Photo: Pinterest

When his reputation began to gain attention, Zborowski suddenly died in a Mercedes while participating in the 1924 Italian Grand Prix. The British luxury car brand once again fell into bankruptcy.

Lionel Martin was fired from the company after an internal legal scandal.

Augusto César Bertelli, an Italian pilot and engineer, and his British colleagues were then invited to lead Aston Martin, responsible for engineering.

Aston Martin - the remaining British elegance

Aston Martin’s 1939 Atom prototype.

But then the Atom production plan was stopped by the second world war that broke out in 1939. Financial difficulties in the following years caused the company to change ownership again.

Aston Martin had two more ownership changes to American and Greek investors, respectively in 1972 and the mid-1980s. The company was then acquired by Ford in 1993, continuing a period with a series of models.

Icon of British elegance

`What is a quality car in terms of design and performance?` Lionel Martin, co-founder of the Aston Martin brand with Robert Bamford, once said.

Aston Martin - the remaining British elegance

An ancient Aston Martin car model is restored at the company’s workshop in England.

Lionel Martin’s philosophy has been preserved by the British luxury car company throughout time since its founding in 1913. It is a double-edged sword, placing the company in the position of one of the most individual brands.

Besides McLaren, Aston Martin is a rare car company that has not been acquired by large corporations.

On the Atom prototype released in 1939, aluminum panels were rounded or screwed into the body of the car, creating novel curved curves that were in line with the general design trend of the time.

That strict requirement makes Aston Martin designers always keep their `feet on the ground`.

Technique and art restrained just enough when combined together is the spirit of Lionel Martin.

When the pressure of sales, profits, and the needs of the newly rich made luxury car manufacturers reel in the SUV race, Aston Martin’s DBX was born naturally.

Aston Martin - the remaining British elegance

Aston Martin DBX at its factory in St Athan, Wales.

Aston Martin DBX is a stylish, sporty SUV.

Laura Schwab, president of Aston Martin USA, is the first woman on the British car company’s board of directors throughout its 105-year history.

In the movie `Skyfall` released in 2012, the scene where James Bond and boss M appear in the legendary Aston Martin DB5 from an old garage to prepare for the final battle, touched many audiences.

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