Ben Affleck – the great loser

Ben Affleck - the great loser 1

Ben Affleck – the great loser

Just a few hours after the movie Argo, directed and starred by Ben Affleck, won the 2013 Oscar for `Best Picture`, Forbes magazine headlined `Congratulations to Ben Affleck, Hollywood’s greatest failure`.

Actor, director and screenwriter Ben Affleck.

Born on August 17, 1972 in California, USA, Ben had an incomplete childhood when his parents moved to Massachusetts and divorced when he was two years old.

The two showed their passion for theater when they competed for the Mickey Mouse Club but failed.

`Good Will Hunting` and two different turns

In the work written by both of them and playing the main role above, Matt Damon plays the main role of Will Hunting, an anonymous mathematical genius and Ben plays Will’s best friend.

Ben Affleck - the great loser

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon with the Oscar for `Best Original Screenplay` in 1998.

But from here, the careers of the two childhood friends diverged in two completely different directions.

One year after Good Will Hunting, he had the opportunity to work alongside action superstar Bruce Willis in the sci-fi blockbuster Armageddon about saving the Earth from destruction from a meteorite.

What is the cause of such a decline of one of Hollywood’s most anticipated names?

Ben Affleck - the great loser

`Gigli` and the love story with Jennifer Lopez are memories that Ben Affleck feels regretful when recalling.

Meeting and falling in love with the fiery singer Lopez on the set of the movie Gigli in 2002 and getting engaged that same year, the couple Ben – J.Lo (also known as Bennifer) made fans depressed with their playboy image.

The love affair with J.Lo caused Ben Affleck’s film career to `hit bottom` when the $75 million budget film, Gigli, starring the two men only earned nearly a tenth of the money spent and received up to 6 million dollars.

Jennifer Garner, director and Oscar

After breaking up with Lopez, Ben dated and married his Daredevil co-star Jennifer Garner a year later.

Ben Affleck - the great loser

Jennifer Garner is Ben’s peaceful haven.

Gone Baby Gone was the first film he wrote and directed and was immediately considered one of the best films of 2007, nominated for an Oscar.

In the past year, Argo, in which Ben played similar roles to The Town, achieved great success.

Ben Affleck - the great loser

Ben Affleck at the 2013 Oscars with the `Best Picture` award for `Argo`.

As a director, Ben has brought fans a political film that is still engaging and breathtakingly tense with the scene at the Iranian airport worthy of being one of the best movie scenes of the past year.

When he got up to the podium to receive the Oscar for Argo as a producer, he said with an emotional voice: `You will have a moment where life will knock you down, that’s what will happen, but the most important thing is you have to know how to stand up.`

At the Oscars 15 years ago, he was still an aggressive guy in the shadow of his close friend Matt Damon.

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