Biden: ‘America is back’

Biden: 'America is back' 6

Biden: ‘America is back’

US President Joe Biden will speak at the Department of State on February 4, the first government agency he visits after taking office, to present a new vision of US foreign policy.

In his first foreign affairs speech, Biden said that the US is facing many challenges in its leadership role, from China’s increasing competitive ambitions and pressure from Russia.

`We must meet this new moment, with growing global challenges from the pandemic to the climate crisis to nuclear proliferation,` Biden said.

`Investing in foreign policy is not something we do just because it’s the right thing to do for the world. We do it to live in peace, security and prosperity. We do it

Biden’s above statement is considered an effort to remove the international community’s doubts about the US role under the Donald Trump administration and convince Americans of the value of a strong international approach.

Trump has angered European and Asian leaders with his tariff policies, disrupted global alliances and threatened to withdraw US troops from allied countries.

President Joe Biden spoke about foreign policy on February 4 at the US State Department.

Biden’s choice of the State Department as the location for his first major diplomatic address is an important symbol of the value he places on diplomats.

`America’s alliances are our greatest asset. And leading with diplomacy means standing shoulder to shoulder with our key allies and partners once again,` Biden said.

Biden in his first days has tried to repair what he called damage to America’s standing around the world, reversing Trump’s policies.

He also gave a message of challenge to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, China, which is steadily increasing its military power and influence in the world, is perhaps Biden’s biggest international challenge as he begins his presidency.

Trump initially sought a warm relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, but differences over trade, Hong Kong and what the US military called North’s destabilizing and aggressive behavior

`We will confront China’s economic abuses and counter its aggressive, coercive actions to push back against China’s assault on human rights, intellectual property and global governance.`

`We are a nation that always does great things. American foreign policy has made that happen and our administration is ready to stand at the forefront and lead again,` US President

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