Biden launched his strongest ‘election weapon’

Biden launched his strongest 'election weapon' 4

Biden launched his strongest ‘election weapon’

Former President Barack Obama criticized his successor Donald Trump in his first live appearance at Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign.

`Donald Trump will not suddenly stand up to protect all of us,` Obama said at a `car rally` event in Philadelphia, October 21.

At the same time, the former US president also warned Democrats to avoid complacency with the results of public opinion polls, even though surveys show that Mr. Biden is maintaining an advantage in Pennsylvania.

`I don’t care about surveys. There have been many polls in the past and it’s not effective,` Mr. Obama said.

Former President Barack Obama at a campaign event for Joe Biden in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 21.

With less than two weeks left until the official election day, former President Obama’s appearance in the state that President Trump won in 2016 emphasized the importance of Pennsylvania.

This year’s election has seen both candidates throw their weight behind Pennsylvania, from making back-to-back visits to pouring tens of millions of dollars into advertising here.

The former president is considered an important representative of candidate Biden, when he gave a prime-time speech at the Democratic National Convention in August, appeared in fundraising campaign videos and called on supporters.

However, the direct appearance of former President Obama, who is said to have the ability to attract top voters and is the most popular speaker of the Democratic Party, could help the Democratic Party’s support base,

`One is that without Pennsylvania, President Trump would not have a path to 270 electoral votes. Two, former President Obama is still very popular in this state,` said John Fetterman, deputy governor of Pennsylvania and a member of the

Mr. Obama also appeared full of energy when he returned to the main stage to criticize President Donald Trump’s country management and personal behavior.

`Biden will not ruin the testing program. He will also not call scientists idiots. He will not organize a super-spreader event in the White House,` Mr. Obama said.

Obama’s way of organizing campaign events is also different from Trump’s.

Candidate Joe Biden did not participate in this event.

Before the live rally in Philadelphia, Mr. Obama urged his supporters to vote and avoid making fun of the country’s problems.

`President Obama’s ability to mobilize the Democratic Party has only one rival: Trump. Because Obama is the one who inspires us and says ‘we can’, while Trump is the one who dares to say

Biden launched his strongest 'election weapon'

Candidate Joe Biden spoke at a campaign event in Detroit, Michigan last week.

According to Holly Otterbein, editor of Politico, Democrats’ use of their top campaigner to appeal to voters of color, especially in his first in-person appearance this year,

`We’re going to be a battleground state, and I think former President Obama’s visit reflects that,` said Cherelle Parker, majority leader of the Philadelphia City Council and local representative for her campaign.

Polling by POWER Interfaith, a progressive group based in Pennsylvania, this month found 72% of black male voters in Philadelphia under 50 and 91% of black voters over 50 supported Biden.

Former President Obama won Pennsylvania twice, partly thanks to the enthusiastic support of African-American voters.

However, David Nakamura, editor of the Washington Post, said that Obama’s appearance in Philadelphia was also a reminder that he could not help candidate Hillary Clinton win this state in 2016.

`If Obama can’t carry Pennsylvania for Hillary, I very much doubt he can do anything for Joe Biden,` said Charlie Gerow, a Republican political strategist in Pennsylvania.

But Obama said he never lost hope in Pennsylvania.

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