British Ambassador: ‘It’s time to act against climate change’

British Ambassador: 'It's time to act against climate change' 0

British Ambassador: ‘It’s time to act against climate change’

President Truong Tan Sang received Ambassador Giles Lever to present his credentials on September 10.

According to Ambassador Giles Lever, global climate change is having a rapid and severe impact on society and the global economy, from countries with modern industries to emerging economies.

Scientific predictions about the effects of climate change are considered alarming in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam.

As the new ambassador to Hanoi, Mr. Giles Lever wishes to share the UK’s efforts and promote cooperation with Vietnam in this field.

`We realize that reducing emissions is a big challenge for Vietnam, while still needing to maintain a high economic growth rate,` Mr. Giles Lever said, while affirming a commitment of nearly 4 billion pounds to

Speaking about the role of the international community, the ambassador hoped that countries would realize the common goal of achieving the results of the United Nations (UN) climate change negotiations, taking place in Paris,

`This is the time to act against climate change. Only by acting together and setting great ambitions can we avoid climate situations that no one wants to happen in the future, while

The UN Secretary-General’s Climate Change Summit on September 23 is a unique opportunity for world leaders to reaffirm their commitment to reaching a historic agreement at the summit.

This agreement is only meaningful when all countries express their desire and specific plans to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The UK hopes affected countries like Vietnam will voice their support for the above agreement.

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