Camping gear worth tens of millions of dong for ‘professionals’

Camping gear worth tens of millions of dong for 'professionals' 3

Camping gear worth tens of millions of dong for ‘professionals’

During the Covid-19 epidemic, camping activities are increasingly receiving attention because of their closeness to nature, limited gathering of people and many outdoor activities.

Necessary tools

Ms. Le Thi Huong Giang (Hanoi), who has many years of experience camping, said that an indispensable item for the trip is a tent, chosen depending on the weather, number of people and means of transportation.

When traveling by bicycle or motorbike, players should prioritize using tents weighing more than 1 kg.

The second item that is equally important is the insulating sheet and air mattress placed on the ground, the price ranges from a few hundred to more than 1 million VND.

During the trip, Ms. Giang also prepared her own toilet tent, changing tent, water bag with hand pump for bathing (about 1 million VND for a 10-liter bag).

According to Mr. Nguyen Thai Hoang (Ho Chi Minh City), who has been participating in camping since 2013, the kits have very diverse prices, the lowest is the set for 2 people for about 15 million VND.

Camping gear worth tens of millions of dong for 'professionals'

Notes and activities when camping

Ms. Giang and Mr. Hoang said that before going camping, players also need to learn carefully about the destination to have appropriate preparations and need to ask permission if that location is under the management of an organization or individual.

In addition, players also need to have knowledge about camping, some basic survival skills such as using maps, finding directions, trekking… Mr. Hoang noted, especially those new to camping.

Camping gear worth tens of millions of dong for 'professionals'

Some suitable destinations for camping include Dong Do lake or Thien Phu Lam pine forest, Soc Son, Hanoi;

While camping, depending on the terrain, players can explore nature, jog, swim, climb mountains or simply listen to music, read books and enjoy the quiet space.

In addition, while the Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated, campers should prioritize choosing deserted destinations, close to nature and especially comply with local travel restrictions where they live and live.

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