Canada prioritizes the processing of study permits for international students

Canada prioritizes the processing of study permits for international students 8

Canada prioritizes the processing of study permits for international students

The information was compiled by Mr. Nguyen Dang Anh Thi, a former international master’s student currently residing and working in an educational organization in Canada.

In the complicated situation of Covid-19 globally, Canada continues to issue many practical policies to attract and support international students.

– Prioritize study permit processing for students who have completed online application submission, ensuring applications are processed as soon as possible.

– Allows students who have applied for a study permit to study online while outside Canada.

– Apply a 2-phase study permit approval process to support international students who want to start an online study program but have not yet submitted a complete study permit application.

This is a temporary process, applicable to students who applied for a study permit before September 15, 2020 with a study program starting in fall 2020.

It is worth recalling that IRCC allows international students who have a study permit or have been approved for a study permit from March 18 or earlier to come to Canada and are required to self-isolate after entry for 14 days.

Canada is applying a temporary travel restriction effective until July 31 and is still open to the possibility of extension.

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2-step study permit process

This process helps international students who cannot submit a full application for a study permit but the study program will begin soon, including 2 steps.

Upon receipt of an in-principle approval letter, students can begin studying online from outside Canada until December 31, 2020.

Conditions for students to receive an in-principle approval letter from IRCC include:

– Be admitted to study at a training facility that belongs to the category of Canadian Designated Learning institutions (Canadian Designated Learning institutions).

– Have enough finances to pursue studies in Canada.

– Meet all other requirements for the study permit application.

The in-principle approval letter is only the first step and is not sufficient for students to come to Canada.

To receive a final approval letter from IRCC, students must submit all missing documents, including biometrics, immigration health certificate and criminal record (number 2).

According to normal regulations, international students must continuously study full-time programs for at least 8 months in Canada to be eligible for a PGWP.

International students contribute positively to the Canadian economy

According to IRCC data, Canada currently has over 650,000 international students at the post-secondary level, including nearly 12,000 Vietnamese students.

International students also contribute $21 billion annually to the economy and support the creation of approximately 170,000 jobs in Canada.

In 2019, over 58,000 former international students became permanent residents in Canada.

The time spent studying and working part-time while studying as well as post-graduation work experience in Canada is the preparation for international students to become permanent residents and eventually Canadian citizenship later.

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