Covid-19 patients are angry with themselves for refusing to get vaccinated

Covid-19 patients are angry with themselves for refusing to get vaccinated 13

Covid-19 patients are angry with themselves for refusing to get vaccinated

`Having to come here makes me angry with myself, because I didn’t get vaccinated,` she said.

The 44-year-old patient is being treated in the intensive care unit (ICU), Lake Regional Medical Center.

Louisiana is the state with the highest 7-day average number of infections per capita in the country: 77 cases per 100,000 people in the past week, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

`It’s heartbreaking that we’ve wasted six or seven months of progress,` said Dr. Joseph Kanter, state health officer.

Mr Kanter attributed the outbreak to a combination of factors including the more transmissible Delta variant and `unacceptably low vaccination rates`.

Louisiana has one of the lowest vaccination levels in the country.

Ochsner, the state’s largest health care system, recorded a 700% increase in the number of Covid-19 patients in July, according to officials on July 28.

`The rate is clearly skewed towards unvaccinated people. We mainly receive this group,` he said.

At Lake Regional Medical Center, Matzen said she is not opposed to vaccinations.

`I think if I had gotten the vaccine early, I wouldn’t have been hospitalized,` Matzen shared.

Louisiana and Arkansas are two states where each county has high levels of nCoV infection in the community, according to CDC data.

The number of people hospitalized in Louisiana also skyrocketed, about 1,500 cases statewide, according to the Louisiana Health Authority.

Similar to the early days of the epidemic, Lake Regional Medical Center had to temporarily suspend non-emergency surgeries to save beds for people infected with nCoV.

Aimee Matzen, 44, Covid-19 patient at Lake Regional Medical Center ICU.

Patients are hospitalized continuously.

`This area is overcrowded,` Ms. O’Neal said.

As of July 29, there were 140 Covid-19 patients in the treatment area.

Morgan Babin, a nurse working in the ICU since March 2020, said the number of patients has increased rapidly, they are getting younger, and their symptoms are more severe.

`They are my age, my colleagues, about 30 or 40. It makes me worry about my health and the health of the community,` she said.

However, some patients still do not believe in Covid-19, falling prey to widespread fake news.

`Many patients refused to believe they had Covid-19 until they had to be intubated. They thought this was just a cold, that we were lying,` Ms. Babin shared.

The hospital predicts all patients are infected with the Delta variant.

`If you come into contact with the community, you should get vaccinated and wear a mask, because everywhere is filled with Covid-19,` she said.

Carsyn Baker, 21, another patient at Lake Regional Medical Center, believes she contracted nCoV when she went to a close friend’s birthday party.

`I closed my eyes and felt like I couldn’t breathe. Some part of my body seemed to remind me, ‘Hey, you need to breathe, wake up,’` she recounted.

Baker has kidney disease and cannot receive the vaccine.

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