Cuba approved two more domestic vaccines

Cuba approved two more domestic vaccines 4

Cuba approved two more domestic vaccines

The approval order came after `a rigorous evaluation process for the Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus vaccines,` Cuban drug management agency CECMED announced on August 20.

The move comes at a time when the island nation faces high infection rates.

Cuba began injecting Soberana and Abdala in the hardest-hit areas in May as part of a clinical trial.

Cuba has recorded more than 9,700 new cases and 78 deaths due to Covid-19, bringing the total to 554,247 infections and 4,319 deaths.

A nurse holds a dose of Soberana-02 in Havana in March.

The world has recorded 212,098,036 nCoV infections and 4,435,475 deaths, while 189,733,305 people have recovered, according to real-time statistics site Worldometers.

The island nation of Palau yesterday recorded its first case of nCoV infection, losing the title of one of the few countries clean of Covid-19 after nearly two years of the pandemic outbreak.

Two people from the US island of Guam on August 21 received positive results for nCoV in Palau and were quarantined by island officials along with close contacts.

With 80% of 18,000 Palauans having completed the vaccination course, President Surangel Whipps said the island nation `once was a place without Covid-19, now it is a safe place amid Covid-19`.

Previously, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Palau was one of 14 countries that had not recorded any cases of infection.

Located about 1,000 km east of the Philippines, Palau is one of the few countries that prevented Covid-19 from entering after closing its borders early when the pandemic broke out in early 2020, despite great damage to the secondary economy.

In China, authorities in Shanghai on August 21 quarantined hundreds of people, including 120 F1, after discovering 5 infected cases were cargo workers at Pudong airport.

Two of the cargo workers, one Chinese national and one Ethiopian citizen, were among four cases of community transmission recorded on August 20.

China recorded 94,579 cases of infection, an increase of 33 cases from the previous day.

In Australia, police on August 21 encountered hundreds of protesters protesting the blockade in Melbourne and Sydney, while Australia recorded a record high number of new infections.

Victoria imposes an administrative fine of 5,000 AUD (3,600 USD) on anyone participating in anti-lockdown protests.

The mass protests took place at a time when Australia recorded 894 new infections in the past 24 hours, a record level since Covid-19 appeared in the country.

Australia recorded 43,123 cases of infection, relatively low compared to other developed countries, of which 978 deaths.

Phuong Vu (According to AFP/Reuters)

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