Donald Trump’s controversial ‘right hand man’

Donald Trump's controversial 'right hand man' 0

Donald Trump’s controversial ‘right hand man’

Communications expert Steven Bannon and US president-elect Donald Trump.

US President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of campaign manager Steven Bannon to the position of senior advisor and chief strategist in the new administration is considered by many to be a choice that causes division within the US.

Bannon is considered to have a very important role in Trump’s election campaign.

Previously, Bannon was the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a news site considered to have a more conservative view than Fox News, after the founder of this news site passed away.

Immediately after being appointed, despite the unfavorable reality that most major US newspapers openly supported the female candidate of the Democratic Party, Bannon quickly began building an image promotion strategy for the Democratic Party.

Bannon uses Breitbart News to spread nationalist views that are emerging in some American voting communities.

Commentator Brian Knight commented that in the context of social media and non-traditional media exploding strongly, the US press’s large support for Mrs. Clinton had no significant effect in influencing her.

According to Les Inroks experts, the majority of ordinary American voters are desiring change.

`With a monthly audience of about 240 million, the conservative information site Breitbart News is truly becoming a new force in American media,` the New York Times emphasized.

In addition to his sharp strategic mind, Bannon is also considered to have quite sharp and flexible short-term tactical thinking.

In the context of facing a lot of pressure, when Mr. Trump’s tax records were made public by the New York Times, Mr. Bannon himself advised the billionaire to hold a press conference with three women who accused former President Bill Clinton of being abused.

This unexpected move helped Mr. Trump create a quite positive psychological effect, allowing him to maintain some of the initiative to continuously attack his opponent during the following 90 minutes of debate.

The influence of the nationalist movement

Commentator Jeremy W. Peters commented that with a position on par with senior figures in the government, with the power to cancel or suspend important strategies, Bannon will be an `inside hand` of the nationalist movement

Bannon does not come from a conventional political or ideological background but follows the Republican model of the past few decades.

Bannon’s political motive is hatred for the current American leadership and elite’s attitude of `disregard` for ordinary people.

Bannon explained that Hillary Clinton’s defeat was a result of the arrogant attitude of the elite.

Mr. Bannon is considered a staunch supporter of many of Trump’s most aggressive policies, which include stopping the flow of refugees from Syria, deporting  undocumented immigrants with criminal records and more centralization

`We must not sugar-coat the fact that a white nationalist man has been appointed chief strategist in the Trump administration,` ABC News quoted the House minority leader’s statement as saying.

Mr. Bannon’s appointment not only sparked anger from Democrats, but also made some moderate Republicans afraid.

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