Emergency doctor rescues house fire: ‘Time is measured in seconds’

Emergency doctor rescues house fire: 'Time is measured in seconds' 5

Emergency doctor rescues house fire: ‘Time is measured in seconds’

Doctor Thang and his team were at the scene the earliest of the ambulance teams, on the day of the house fire, May 31.

When Mr. Thang arrived, the homeowner jumped from the floor and was taken to Cho Ray Hospital by people.

The two emergency satellite stations closest to the scene, Binh Tan Hospital and Tan Phu Hospital, were mobilized by Center 115 to respond, coordinating with physician Thang’s team.

The doctor quickly consulted with the two emergency rescue teams and assigned tasks.

Three scene medical teams also stood ready on stretchers, close to the sidewalk of the burning house, waiting for rescue forces to take the victims out.

Medical staff treated the first baby victim brought out of the burning house by rescue forces.

Center 115’s stretcher picks up the first victim from the rescue team.

Baby Tuyen was asphyxiated, her limbs lost strength, her eyes were dull. The nurses gave her oxygen and immediately transferred her to Children’s Hospital I. Following behind, an ambulance carrying the victim Do Nam Phuong, 10 years old

Nearly 20 minutes from Le Trong Tan Street to Children’s Hospital 1, the emergency team closely monitored the heart rate, pulse and blood pressure of the two victims.

`Looking at the baby lying unconscious on the stretcher, we just hope the distance is shorter and there are fewer cars to quickly get to the hospital. At this time, the time to save the children is measured in seconds,` Mr. Thang shared.

Doctors at Children’s Hospital 1 on June 1 determined that the two children were treated promptly.

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