Fabricated evidence of an ungrateful husband

Fabricated evidence of an ungrateful husband 3

Fabricated evidence of an ungrateful husband

When taken to the hospital in St.

Working with the police, Edward said the couple did not live in St.

Edward said he found a towel ring in the sink, seemingly pulled off a hook on the wall.

Photo of the piercing holder taken by Edward and his brother.

Authorities initially agreed with Edward’s explanation because the medical examiner did not detect skull fractures or bleeding in the brain that would be common if the victim had been beaten before drowning.

However, after the press reported Julie’s death, the local prosecutor became suspicious and investigated further.

In addition, some people who worked with Edward said he showed interest in flirting with a married female colleague.

More strangely, several hotel employees also testified about Edward’s behavior that morning.

Because there was no direct evidence linking Edward to Julie’s death, investigators focused on determining whether a woman of Julie’s build could have pulled the towel ring off the wall during her fall.

To recreate the scene, the investigator had someone install the same type of towel ring in the hotel bathtub and let a woman of similar height and weight to Julie reenact the movement of falling while holding on to the ring.

Fabricated evidence of an ungrateful husband

Authorities tested the scene with a towel ring of the same type.

Next, the investigator sent the towel ring to a mechanical engineering professor for testing.

The authorities did not stop there and exhumed the grave to re-examine the body.

With the above motive and evidence, the prosecutor said that before jogging, Edward drowned his wife, pulled out her piercing to stage an accident scene, and at the same time had grounds to sue the hotel.

Three years after Julie died, Edward was tried for First Degree Murder. Although Edward claimed innocence and the prosecutor only had circumstantial evidence, he was still convicted of Murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Fabricated evidence of an ungrateful husband


At the second trial, Edward’s brother and daughter turned against him and testified that Edward had abused Julie.

Before the third trial took place, Edward admitted to killing his wife and agreed to a plea deal for a chance at parole.

At many of Edward’s pardon hearings, his daughter’s husband and Edward’s brother both attended and proposed not to pardon.

Quoc Dat (According to St. Louis Today)

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