Four days of exploring Da Lat by the ‘ageless MC’

Four days of exploring Da Lat by the 'ageless MC' 3

Four days of exploring Da Lat by the ‘ageless MC’

Born in 1987, at the age of U30, MC Nguyen Lan Huong (living in Hanoi) has a youthful and innocent appearance like a high school student, often called by friends and audiences by the name `No-nonsense MC`.

Having never been to Da Lat and only heard songs about the city in the mist, Huong used to think Da Lat would be very sad.

`It’s true that a hundred hearings are not as good as seeing one, I saw a Da Lat that was not as sad as I thought. It was a small, beautiful, happy, poetic, clear, bustling, peaceful Da Lat with countless dishes.

She calls this place `Huong’s beautiful little Da Lat`.

* Total cost:

Both plane tickets and the rest cost me 4 million VND.

Huong bought a round-trip ticket for 2 million VND and 2 million VND for 4-5 days including accommodation, 100% taxi and private car rental, meals, and entertainment.

* Move:

– Before the plane took off in Noi Bai, Huong was called by the switchboard to ask if she needed a car to pick her up for a full package of 250,000 VND when she arrived in Da Lat. She immediately agreed.

During the days in Da Lat, Huong’s group hired a taxi driver for a full package trip for 700,000 VND a day, who would take you to breakfast and out to remote tourist destinations from early morning until evening.

– If you like to ride a motorbike, you can rent it right at the motel, for 100,000-120,000 VND per day per motorbike.

* Accommodation:

Lan Huong did not choose a motel or hotel but chose the type of homestay that is very hot in Da Lat.

Four days of exploring Da Lat by the 'ageless MC'

Experience strawberry picking in Da Lat.

`Certainly the place is extremely vintage and lovely. On the first day of your arrival, if you are still recuperating and haven’t been able to go far, you can hang around the front yard and backyard at La Nha – you’ll definitely get a photo album, too.

* Eat what:

This is a `category` that Huong loves very much, so she advises very enthusiastically and thoroughly: `All come with free water! Central dishes are available, Southern dishes are available, and the food is a mix.`

1. Aunt Dinh’s grilled rice paper, Tran Nhat Duat street, sold from 2pm to 8:30pm.

2. Phan Rang Chicken Rice, No. 2, 3/4 Street, you can eat super delicious roti chicken rice or grilled ribs, a reasonable lunch!

3. Cu Duc tile grill, No. 1, Nguyen Luong Bang (if you are too familiar with grilled food in Hanoi, eating grilled food here is also delicious and not strange).

4. Phan Rang fish cake soup – Dung No. 15A Tran Hung Dao.

5. Dalat LE’guda vegetable buffet hot pot on 3/4 street – cable car yard.

6. Ms. Hung’s grilled spring rolls has 2 locations, including one at 258 Phan Dinh Phung.

7. Stuffed snails, oxtail hotpot, restaurant 33, 157 Hai Ba Trung.

8. Cafe An (hottest cafe in Da Lat)

9. Lien Hoa Banh Mi 3/2 Street – the place with the most types of cakes in Da Lat.

10. Hue beef noodle soup, fish ball noodle soup – Xuan An, No. 15, Chung house.

11. Banh Can No. 1 Chung house.

12. Delicious Beef Ne 3, 26,000 VND per meal.

13. Nari ice cream sweet soup and Thanh Thao ice cream sweet soup are located next to each other, both shops are delicious.

14. Buffet of dried fruits, ice cream, and fruit juice on the 2nd floor of Langfarm, Da Lat night market, look to the right.

15. Char xiu bread, soy milk – Ms. Be’s restaurant

16. Tang Bat Ho sugar chicken wet cake (this dish is like rice paper rolls or pho noodles, add chicken intestines, chicken meat, pork tongue and then pour sweet and sour water over it).

17. Mixed rice paper

18. Hottest bar in Da Lat: Rain – Friday nights there are often famous singers singing or pub bar 21B in the Western Quarter (no singers)

Four days of exploring Da Lat by the 'ageless MC'

Huong calls this the secret garden.

* Beautiful places to take photos:

Lan Huong’s picturesque photo set is loved by many people, so she also enthusiastically shares her photography experiences and locations with her friends.

Below are beautiful places to take photos advised by Huong:

1. Langbiang Mountain

2. Xuan Huong Lake

3. Lake of Sighs

4. Valley of Love

5. Strawberry garden in Thanh Mau area or Ho Xuan Huong street.

6. Walking street, Da Lat night market

7. Truc Lam Zen Monastery

8. Youth Cultural House (where the white stone chairs are called `virtual living chairs` which is very hot in Da Lat).

9. College of Education

10. Suoi Vang

11. Cu Lan Village

12. Forest Ghost Inn

13. Clay tunnel

14. The city square has symbols of wild sunflowers and artichoke flowers – super beautiful photography)

15. Chicken Church

16. Bougainvillea villa area

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