Four levels of ‘safe adaptation’ to Covid-19

Four levels of 'safe adaptation' to Covid-19 6

Four levels of ‘safe adaptation’ to Covid-19

On October 11, the Government issued a Resolution temporarily regulating `Safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic`.

The resolution states the goal of minimizing infections, severe cases, and deaths due to Covid-19;

The Government clearly stated that it should not allow local situations to occur and should not be allowed to promulgate and implement solutions above the necessary level, causing negative impacts on production, business, and social life.

Medical solutions must synchronize isolation with testing, treatment, and vaccines, according to the motto `isolation and testing are key, vaccines and treatment drugs are prerequisites.`

According to the Resolution, there are four epidemic levels, including: level 1 (low risk – new normal), blue;

Criteria to evaluate the epidemic level include: rate of new infections in the community/population/time;

Airline staff measure passengers’ body temperatures at Noi Bai airport, October 10.

Level 1, indoor and outdoor events with no capacity limit.

People need to comply with 5K, use information technology applications to register for vaccination, medical declaration, and medical examination and treatment;

Level 2, restricting events that gather large numbers of people indoors, outdoors or organized under conditions.

Public passenger transport is operating, according to instructions from the Ministry of Transport.

Service businesses with a high risk of infection such as discotheques, karaoke, massage, bars, internet, video games, hairdressing, beauty… must stop or be limited.

Direct educational and training activities are still organized according to the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Training.

The Provincial People’s Committee decides on the number of people participating in activities at religious, belief and worship establishments.

Four levels of 'safe adaptation' to Covid-19

People get vaccinated at Phu Tho Gymnasium, Ho Chi Minh City, June 24.

Level 3, many activities are limited, such as: indoor and outdoor events;

Level 4, service businesses such as supermarkets, shopping centers, convenience stores, wholesale markets… are restricted from operating.

Provinces and cities regulate conditions for restaurants, eateries, and traditional markets to operate, including limiting the number of buyers and sellers at the same time.

Services that must stop operating include: discotheques, karaoke, massage, bars, internet, video games, hairdressing, and beauty salons;

People should limit movement between areas with different epidemic levels.

Areas operating at all four levels include: Intra-provincial and inter-provincial circulation and transportation of goods;

Shopping centers, supermarkets, convenience stores, wholesale markets;

The above regulations are applied uniformly nationwide.

The Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee decides on the fastest and narrowest scope of blockade measures in the area.

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