Four things hindering the Olympic dream of U23 Vietnam

Four things hindering the Olympic dream of U23 Vietnam 17

Four things hindering the Olympic dream of U23 Vietnam

Assessing the correlation of forces as well as the opportunities of U23 Vietnam in the upcoming tournament, reader Tranvanphap3636 comments:

There are four things at the U23 Asian Championship that will hinder Vietnamese football’s dream of attending the Olympics:

– Competitors have paid more attention to Vietnam.

– All teams call their strongest squad to participate in the tournament.

– Two years ago, one reason for success was that Coach Park and his team were not under performance pressure, so they played very freely.

– This year’s U23 Vietnam squad still has many limitations.

Sharing the same opinion as above, reader Vuong Nguyen further analyzed the human side of U23 Vietnam at this year’s tournament:

Hope everyone looks at reality.

– Hoang Duc plays very cleverly, but his physical strength is weak and he is afraid of disputes. He is not as good as Tuan Anh in recovering the ball, nor is he as good as Quang Hai in launching attacks.

– The defenders are quite good, but Tan Sinh in the SEA Games final also showed his impatience in defending and destroying opponents unnecessarily.

– There is no clear mutation in the attack.

Therefore, I like the group of players in the previous tournament better because they have a stronger fighting spirit, as well as better individual player mutations, making it difficult for opponents to win against Vietnam, even if they know the tactics.

Meanwhile, talking about the pressure Coach Park will face in U23 Asia this year, reader Bonanza.boba expressed concern:

Remind everyone: a week ago, VFF vice president Mr. Tuan responded to the press that `the goal at this tournament is to win tickets to the Olympics`.

Discussing a bit, it is impossible to compete on two fronts within a month.

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