Grade 1 students study extra day and night

Grade 1 students study extra day and night 10

Grade 1 students study extra day and night

In addition to the controversy over the reformed first grade textbooks, many parents also expressed their concerns when students have to study too much extra time:

My eldest grandchild is in 5th grade this year in Hanoi.

I live in Ninh Binh and also have a child in 1st grade. The day before, the school gave each family a registration form for afternoon tutoring organized by the school.

Meanwhile, grade 1 children only have two main subjects: Vietnamese and Math.

We are training many talented people but have no purpose in life.

>> Extra learning ‘compulsory and voluntary’

I see that the children must learn to reform, but it is extremely sinful.

Parents are often worried and choose to supplement their children with the fear that their children will not be able to follow.

Going to second grade will be fine.

>> The article does not necessarily coincide with VnExpress.net’s views.

My child got excellent grades in extra classes, not just good grades

The head of the Parents Association sent a text message to persuade the whole class to take extra classes

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