Hanoi continues social distancing in epidemic areas after September 6

Hanoi continues social distancing in epidemic areas after September 6 2

Hanoi continues social distancing in epidemic areas after September 6

This is one of the contents of the conclusion announcement of the City Party Committee’s Standing Committee on strengthening Covid-19 prevention and control, issued on September 1.

Accordingly, after the third lockdown (September 6), Hanoi will establish three zones, divided according to risk level and geographical characteristics – population – living – production.

The Hoan Kiem Lake area was deserted during the days of social distancing in Hanoi according to Directive 16, on the morning of September 2.

Based on zoning, `red zones` with very high risk will continue to implement social distancing at a higher level than Directive 16 with the principle of `everyone is there`, thoroughly suppressing the epidemic.

In high-risk areas `orange zones` and lower risk `green zones`, the city adjusts measures at a higher level than Directive 15 principles to organize production and business recovery and support.

The Party Committee of the City People’s Committee is assigned to direct the development of a plan to organize and implement zoning to ensure strict, synchronous, scientific, and fully prepared sources of goods, food, medical equipment, etc.

The Department of Construction presides over setting up hard posts according to the zoning plan.

During the fourth epidemic (from April 27 to present), 30/30 districts and towns in Hanoi all recorded new cases.

These are newly discovered infection chains that have recorded a large number of patients.

Some areas have a low number of cases (less than 10 cases) such as Chuong My, Ba Vi districts and Son Tay town.

The cumulative number of cases in Hanoi during the fourth epidemic is 3,366 cases, of which 1,553 cases are recorded in the community, and 1,813 cases are quarantined cases.

According to the regulations of the National Steering Committee for Covid 19 Prevention and Control, the `red zone` (very high risk) at the district level is when 30% or more of communes are at very high risk;

`Orange zone` (high risk) at the district level, has 30% or more of high-risk communes scattered across the district;

`Green zones` (new normal level) are areas that do not belong to the two regions mentioned above.

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