Honda HR-V 2022 price from 826 million VND

Honda HR-V 2022 price from 826 million VND 3

Honda HR-V 2022 price from 826 million VND

On June 15, Honda introduced the small urban CUV model HR-V 2022. The car continues to be imported from Thailand, sold in two versions: L priced at 826 million VND and RS 871 million VND.


If the new generation Civic replaces the angular, sporty quality of the old version with a rounder, softer shape, then the 2022 HR-V is the opposite.

HR-V 2022 at the launch event in Hanoi.

The steering wheel becomes the main highlight of the Honda HR-V 2022 when it has a hexagonal honeycomb appearance.

The hidden door handle and located on the rear glass door in the old version are still kept in the new generation, the design brings a smooth overall shape.

The new HR-V’s dimensions have not changed much, the wheelbase is still 2,610 mm.


Similar to the exterior design, the cockpit of the Honda HR-V 2022 is transformed.

Honda HR-V 2022 price from 826 million VND

The cockpit on the new generation HR-V, with a flat and vertical dashboard design.

The interior design of the two versions is similar as both have a new leather-wrapped steering wheel with 4-way adjustment.

A notable point about the new generation of HR-V is that the company has done many things to improve the car’s soundproofing ability such as adding soundproofing materials (including spraying soundproofing foam on the chassis), adding pads,

Safety equipment and technology

The price difference of 45 million VND between the two versions is distinguished by the amount of comfort and safety.

Both versions have armrests and air conditioning vents for two rows of seats.

Honda Sensing safety technology package with functions such as collision mitigation braking, adaptive automatic headlights, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning/lane keeping assist, front vehicle departure warning, with

Other standard equipment such as remote start, electronic handbrake, automatic brake hold, reversing camera, electronic balance, horizontal/downhill start assist…


Honda HR-V 2022 price from 826 million VND

3D effect LED taillights with colored strips across the rear of the car.

There is no longer the 1.8 like on the old version, both versions of the Honda HR-V 2022 are equipped with a 1.5 turbocharger similar to the Civic and CR-V but with lower capacity, at 174 horsepower, maximum torque of 240 Nm.

The car engine comes with three driving modes: standard, economical (Eco) and sport (Sport).

Warm up the race for small high-capacity cars

The price of 826-871 million VND (red, silver white, pearl white adds 5 million) far exceeds similar Korean brand car models of the same size such as Kia Seltos (639-759 million), Hyundai Creta (620-730 million

The HR-V’s safety features are equivalent to competitors Corolla Cross and CX-30 (high versions).

HR-V, like many other Honda models in Vietnam, possesses a segment-leading sporty personality.

Honda HR-V’s full year 2021 sales are more than 1,110 vehicles.

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