How does China banning the 737 Max affect Boeing?

How does China banning the 737 Max affect Boeing? 2

How does China banning the 737 Max affect Boeing?

The 737 Max is Boeing’s most important aircraft line and China is also the largest market for the US manufacturer.

It’s too early to say how long the grounding will last or what the impact will be, but this is bad news for Boeing.

A Boeing 737 Max.

Boeing expects that China will soon become the world’s first $1,000 billion aviation market.

Comac’s first plane designed to compete with the Boeing 737 Max and Airbus A320 completed its first test flight two years ago.

Thanks to the 737 Max aircraft, Boeing has made important strides in China.

The 737 has been Boeing’s best-selling production line for decades.

Currently, Boeing investors are still very worried about both the 737 Max and the Chinese market.

In early 2013, Boeing also had problems with the lithium batteries of its 787 Dreamliner aircraft globally.

Immediately after the plane crash in Ethiopia, along with the decision to stop flying the 737 Max, Chinese officials said they had no tolerance for dangers.

Meanwhile, the US Aviation Administration (FAA) affirmed that the 737 Max is still qualified to operate, but the manufacturer needs to revise the aircraft’s design before April.

Currently, US airlines still operate the 737 Max normally.

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