How does the law punish dog thieves?

How does the law punish dog thieves? 14

How does the law punish dog thieves?

Many people ask why there is an uncompromising war between dog owners, the community and dog thieves?

Perhaps it is not only a legal issue, but also a cultural and social issue that needs to be analyzed, understood and appropriately handled in order to reduce tensions and conflicts in society.

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From a legal perspective, a dog is a pet and also an asset of the owner.

If the value of the stolen dogs is less than 2 million VND, has never been administratively sanctioned… does not fall into one of the cases specified from Points a to d, Clause 1, Article 173 of the Code

Vietnamese law has a system of rules to protect property, life, health, honor, dignity and reputation of citizens… Any illegal infringement on property or life

Currently, dog theft occurs in many localities, causing anger in public opinion.

In many cases, people catch stolen dogs, but when they hand them over to the competent authorities, they are not strictly handled.

That’s why the relationship between dog owners, neighboring villagers and dog thieves becomes hostile, even `unfriendly`, causing many heartbreaking murders.

If dog thieves are discovered, chased, chased, and fight back against people, the aggravating circumstance of `assault to escape` will be applied to increase criminal liability.

If dog thieves actively use force to attack the homeowner to appropriate the dog, this act is `property robbery` and will be prosecuted for robbery according to the provisions of Article 168 of the Penal Code of 2019.


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