How is Hai Duong applying anti-epidemic measures?

How is Hai Duong applying anti-epidemic measures? 2

How is Hai Duong applying anti-epidemic measures?

By February 15, Hai Duong recorded 499 community Covid-19 cases, the most among the 13 provinces and cities with outbreaks from the end of January until now.

After the province controlled the outbreak at Poyun Company, the Covid-19 situation became complicated in Cam Giang district – an area with 60,000 workers and thousands of factories.

The forces on duty changed into protective clothing on the night of February 15, before Hai Duong social isolation time for the entire province.

Raise the level and expand the quarantine area

Twenty days after social distancing, when the first case of community infection, `patient 1552` was discovered, Hai Duong raised the level and expanded the quarantine according to Directive 16 from Chi Linh City to the entire province.

Chi Linh City has been in a 21-day blockade since January 28, and now continues to be quarantined until the epidemic is completely controlled and extinguished.

Cam Giang alone has blocked the entire district since February 5, now applying `Directive 16+`, meaning `stricter measures than the Prime Minister’s Directive 16 to tightly lock down the spread of the epidemic`.

Welcoming Hai Duong to implement social isolation according to Directive 16, Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long also compared it to the Da Nang epidemic in July 2020.

`Social distancing throughout the province will help Hai Duong reduce the infection rate,` Mr. Long said.

Tighten quarantine areas

Hai Duong is maintaining 103 centralized quarantine areas in both military and civilian facilities, mostly taking advantage of schools with more than 13,800 people in centralized quarantine.

The two quarantine areas of Vietnam – Canada Vocational Training School and Chu Van An Primary School (Chi Linh City), where 1,800 Poyun workers are being quarantined, are considered to be `not working well`.

`In recent days, many cases of Covid-19 have appeared in the concentrated quarantine area of these workers, so the possibility of cross-infection may be high,` said Mr. Nguyen Van Kien, Chairman of Chi Linh City People’s Committee,

How is Hai Duong applying anti-epidemic measures?

The army sprays disinfectant in the quarantine area in Chi Linh City, January 2021.

Provincial Party Secretary Pham Xuan Thang has asked the military to directly operate centralized quarantine areas of over 100 people.

On the same afternoon, Hai Duong authorities issued regulations to tighten rules in quarantine and blockade areas, strictly implementing 5K according to instructions from the Ministry of Health.

Increase control loops

On the night of February 15, hundreds of Hai Duong province police set out to set up an epidemic control checkpoint, just a few hours before the entire province’s social distancing period.

Each checkpoint must assign tasks to each participating force, clearly stipulate the conditions for activities allowed to travel, goods allowed to circulate, and severely handle violations.

How is Hai Duong applying anti-epidemic measures?

Checking documents before the quarantine checkpoint, on the night of February 15.

Increase testing capacity

The total number of tested samples in Hai Duong is currently more than 93,000.

The key to determining the success or failure of stopping the epidemic – testing, needs to be accelerated.

The Hai Duong Department of Health was assigned to advise on the procurement of equipment in an emergency situation to increase bed capacity at Field Hospital No. 2, ensuring testing and treatment conditions.

Both anti-epidemic and productive

Quarantining the entire province since the 5th day of Tet, just one day before the whole country returns to work, Hai Duong assigned the Management Board of Industrial Parks and localities to set up an interdisciplinary inspection team to inspect factories and workshops to meet new conditions.

All owners, experts at businesses, workers, and laborers in Cam Giang area must have samples taken for Covid-19 testing, with results returned within the same day.

Some main developments in epidemic suppression in Hai Duong:

Night of January 27: Detected the first case of community infection, female `patient 1522`, a worker at Poyun Company, Chi Linh City.

12:00 on January 28: Social distancing throughout Hai Duong according to Directive 15 of the Prime Minister.

6:00 p.m. February 5: Social isolation in entire Cam Giang district.

0:00 February 16: Social isolation in entire Hai Duong province.

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