How to identify contaminated canned food

How to identify contaminated canned food 11

How to identify contaminated canned food

Associate Professor Nguyen Duy Thinh, Institute of Biotechnology and Food, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, said canned food in sealed containers must be opened and inspected to determine quality.

The box lid is bulging or deformed

According to Associate Professor Thinh, canned foods with bulging or bulging lids and deformations may be due to gas-producing microorganisms growing, decomposing and creating gases such as CO2, NH3… and producing toxins.

In addition, improper processing creates conditions for microorganisms to grow, causing the product to become sour and spoil.

However, there are many types of microorganisms that grow without producing gases, which may or may not cause bulging of the box, making them difficult to detect.

According to Mr. Nguyen Hung Long, Deputy Director of the Department of Food Safety, the world has warned that products of agricultural origin and canned products have a higher risk of botulinum infection than other types.

The box is cracked or broken

During transportation, impact or improper storage can cause the box to crack, creating conditions for microorganisms to enter and grow.

Canned foods can be damaged due to chemical phenomena that occur due to reactions between food ingredients with each other or between food ingredients and packaging.

This phenomenon is often seen in canned foods with high acidity.

`Toxins caused by microorganisms are still the most dangerous, affecting the nerves, causing muscle paralysis and death if not treated promptly,` the associate professor said.

You need to carefully observe the shape, color, and expiration date of canned foods before buying to ensure safety.

Experts recommend that all canned foods showing signs of spoilage caused by microorganisms, whether the can is swollen or not, cannot be used as food and must be destroyed.

Consumers should buy canned foods from reputable stores with clear origins.

Canned foods should be handled before eating or soaked in tap water for about 10 minutes before washing.

Absolutely do not eat canned food if the lid is broken or not closed properly.

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