‘Including tutoring in the list of conditional business occupations’

'Including tutoring in the list of conditional business occupations' 3

‘Including tutoring in the list of conditional business occupations’

On the morning of November 11, Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son posted for the first time to answer questions from National Assembly delegates.

Many hot issues of the industry were raised and debated with the Minister such as the current situation of extra teaching and learning;

Regarding the issue of tutoring, delegate Nguyen Huy Thai said that although it is strictly prohibited, even during the epidemic, the situation of tutoring and tutoring still takes place.

Minister Nguyen Kim Son affirmed that normally, extra tutoring needs to be prevented. When learning online, students are more stressed, so extra tutoring should be condemned.

According to Mr. Son, the March Circular issued by the Ministry stipulated the number of online teaching and learning hours for all levels and classes.

Minister Nguyen Kim Son.

However, after the Minister’s answer, many delegates expressed concerns.

He analyzed that up to now, `we have approached the issue of tutoring as a social problem and handled it in a prohibited way. Some places even organized secret police to catch tutors red-handed and report them to the newspaper.`

He believes that the effect of tutoring in life should be evaluated, because this is the practical need of parents and students.

At yesterday’s question and answer session, some delegates wondered why the education sector bans extra teaching but the health sector does not ban doctors from doing extra work.

The country has 38,000 primary school teachers.

Delegate Nguyen Cong Long.

Delegate Nguyen Lam Thanh shared that since previous sessions, the National Assembly has discussed a lot on the topic of tutoring and `this story has not ended yet`.

According to Mr. Thanh, there are four solutions related to tutoring.

Firstly, it is necessary to reduce the load of the program, starting with reducing the load of textbooks.

Second, Mr. Thanh proposed changing the method, from forcing knowledge to teaching thinking.

Third, it is necessary to innovate and improve testing methods more strongly in the direction of `focusing more on student innovation, instead of testing according to samples`.

Fourth, according to him, if there is still a specialized school system, there will still be extra teaching and learning.

Delegate Nguyen Lam Thanh proposed four solutions to limit tutoring

Mr. Thanh mentioned 4 solutions for private tutoring.

In response, Minister Nguyen Kim Son explained that previously, the Ministry of Education and Training had a circular regulating extra teaching and learning, but if this was a conditional business, it could only be regulated.

Minister Nguyen Kim Son talks about online tutoring

Minister Son talked about online tutoring.

Mr. Son also emphasized that extra teaching and learning still need professional solutions and consultation with spirit, attitude, and public opinion.

In the coming time, the education sector will consider the high school exam roadmap in a new direction to limit extra teaching.

At the question session this morning, responding to delegate Nguyen Thi Thu Dung, Minister Nguyen Kim Son said that many multidisciplinary schools currently tend to open health major codes.

To the question of delegate Truong Thi Ngoc Anh, the Minister said that the online learning program does not rely entirely on normal lesson plans in teaching.

Localities that are teaching directly will teach the core curriculum, then return to consolidate and expand further.

`The core curriculum is a professional solution to deal with diverse teaching. Online teaching is built on the core curriculum, including learning and testing, not the normal curriculum.

This afternoon, Minister Nguyen Kim Son will continue to answer questions before the National Assembly.

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