Investigating the Capitol Hill riot heats up with Trump

Investigating the Capitol Hill riot heats up with Trump 3

Investigating the Capitol Hill riot heats up with Trump

Well-informed sources reveal that former President Donald Trump is increasingly upset by the investigation into the Capitol Hill riot conducted by the January 6 Committee of the US House of Representatives.

Trump has frequently grumbled about the investigation in recent weeks, asking his advisers to explain why former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows shared so much information and documents related to the case with the January 6 Committee.

Sources familiar with the matter said Trump is also very upset when the media reports negative news about him.

Donald Trump spoke outside the White House on January 6, a few hours before supporters flocked to Capitol Hill and attacked the congressional building.

The above information is not much different from the way Trump reacted to the investigation into Russia’s interference in the US election and the suspicion that his campaign team `colluded` with Moscow.

Accounts of sources close to Trump, including current aides, show that the former US president is increasingly insecure and withdrawn from the outside world.

However, the heat from the investigation will increase with Trump, as it is expected to enter the public hearing phase in 2022. The US Department of Justice also announced that it will closely monitor the House of Representatives investigation.

Trump seems to be concerned that he is about to face a period of legal turmoil next year, although he has always insisted that he did nothing wrong when mentioning ways to overturn the 2020 presidential election results or encouraging his supporters.

Trump sees this as an alarming sign for the future.

This investigation in the House of Representatives not only opens up the possibility of changing US election laws, but also poses the potential risk of Trump being prosecuted.

Goodman assessed the results of the House investigation and public hearings as finding individuals who are willing to testify and they will become important witnesses for US Department of Justice prosecutors.

Investigating the Capitol Hill riot heats up with Trump

Trump supporters clashed with police outside the US Capitol building on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC on January 6.

As of early this week, the House investigation committee had collected more than 30,000 documents and 250 tips through the denunciation receiving line.

Although the committee has not found direct evidence linking Trump to the riot, the investigation still poses many risks for the former US president.

Meadows’ messages can be used to prove that Trump’s team clearly understood that the election fraud allegations were false but still sued everywhere to prevent Biden from taking office.

`They prepared a strategy for the Department of Justice, a strategy for the state legislature, for state election officials, for the vice president. They also had a riot strategy,` a committee member said.

In addition to the former White House chief of staff, a number of senior members of the previous administration, including former acting national security adviser Keith Kellogg and former vice president’s chief of staff Marc Short, have agreed to cooperate in the investigation.

Trump no longer has the executive power to prevent the investigative committee’s evidence collection process, as he did with special prosecutor Robert Mueller and the investigation into Russian election interference.

`He is gradually realizing that the former president no longer has as much power as he did in the White House. The tactics Trump used before will no longer be effective after he leaves office,` said Daniel Goldman, a former lawyer participating in the effort.

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