Jack Ma can retire early to teach

Jack Ma can retire early to teach 2

Jack Ma can retire early to teach

Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma said he is devoting more time and assets to charity with the desire to establish a charitable foundation focusing on education, like billionaire Bill Gates did, in an interview.

Jack Ma turned 54 earlier this week, he owns a fortune of more than 40 billion USD.

Billionaire Jack Ma – Chairman of Alibaba.

“I can learn many things from Bill Gates.

Alibaba’s boss shared that one day, soon, he will return to teaching.

In response to questions about possibly retiring at the end of this year, Jack Ma just shrugged and smiled.

Previously, this billionaire admitted that he was only happy when he earned very little money when he was a teacher with a salary of about 12 USD.

Jack Ma believes that when you become a billionaire, you carry many responsibilities unlike when you have little money.

Although Jack Ma claims to have entered the business world by accident when he founded Alibaba 20 years ago, he has become one of the most admired business leaders in China.

He founded Alibaba in 1999 with a capital of 60,000 USD with 18 other members.

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