Japan is `thirsty` for fighter jets

Japan is `thirsty` for fighter jets 0

Japan is `thirsty` for fighter jets

(Dan Tri) – Defense News network revealed that Japan may face a shortage of fighter aircraft in the next decade, as the country plans to `retire` some fighters.

Currently, the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force owns 223 F-15s, 94 F-2s (a long-range variant of Lockheed Martin’s F-16C) and the F-4 Phantom II series (model

In fact, Japan has begun gradually removing F-4 Phantoms from service, as many other countries have done, including the United States (the country that retired the last F-4s in

At the same time, Japan is upgrading its F-2 and F-15 fighter jets, including improving the air combat capabilities of the F-15 family of aircraft.

In response to these developments, Vice President of the Space and Defense Research Group Teal Group, Richard Aboulafia, said that the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force could face serious force structure changes within the decade.

A military analyst in Japan said that the F-2 is currently a very bad aircraft and eliminating it is absolutely right.

Japan has tried to buy the US 5th generation fighter F-22, but Washington is currently banned from exporting F-22 abroad.

Instead, Tokyo turned to buying 42 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (combined strike fighters) in 2011 for its replacement program.

Evaluating the F-35, Mr. Aboulafia commented that this aircraft model may not be the best in terms of speed, turning ability, flight range and payload, but it possesses stealth and

Despite having 42 more F-35s, Japan is still behind in the race with China and Russia, two `rivals` that are quickly improving their air combat capabilities.

Another possible alternative is the F-3 stealth aircraft that Japan is trying to produce itself.

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