Lesson from the boy whose mother forced him to wear a flowered dress

Lesson from the boy whose mother forced him to wear a flowered dress 2

Lesson from the boy whose mother forced him to wear a flowered dress

Recently, Chinese public opinion was stirred up about a clip on social networks that showed a boy wearing a floral dress in Dazhou city, Sichuan province.

After the video was shared, many people praised the boy’s brothers.

The image of the boy wearing a floral dress going outside was captured by many people in Datzhou city, Sichuan province.

Psychologist Tran Tu Hong after watching the video commented: `Adults think that children do not have the cognitive ability to feel shame, which is a mistake. In many cases, children know how to save face better.`

Not long ago, a video about a 13-year-old girl who gained 15kg while staying at home due to Covid-19 also attracted Chinese internet users.

Children’s story writer Trinh Uyen Khiet once said: `If you want to destroy your child, the first thing you should do is destroy the child’s self-esteem. Among them, the tricks of the ‘killer’ are to show

On the Q&A social network, Zhihu just raised the topic: What is the worst thing your parents have ever done to you?

A reader shares his story.

Russian educator Vasily Sukhomlinsky once said: `A child’s dignity is the most sensitive corner of the human mind. They will protect the child’s self-esteem and hidden strength. Children are deprived of their dignity.`

In the program `Teachers, listen` on China Central Television, Tieu Quan recounted when he was a teenager, he often argued with his mother and had poor academic results.

It all started when the mother saw her son hanging out with a special student.

When telling the story, Tieu Quan, now in his 40s, said that even though it had been a long time, he had never calmed down.

This man affirmed that, even after 30 years or more, the feeling of humiliation is always a pain deep in his heart.

Lesson from the boy whose mother forced him to wear a flowered dress

Actress Jia Jingwen with her two daughters.

How to protect children’s fragile and sensitive self-esteem?

1. Treat children like adults

There is a rule that parents need to remember: when communicating with a child, increase their age by 20 years.

Actress Jia Jingwen’s daughter is a good child.

As American psychologist William James said: `One of the deepest human endeavors is the desire to be praised, admired and respected. Treating children equally and saving face when they grow up will help.

2. Do not teach your child in front of others

Scholar Lu Kun of the Ming Dynasty once proposed the `Seven Rules of Non-Responsibility` for children’s mistakes.

In the movie `30 is not the end`, the character Co Giai did this.

When returning home, Co Giai let her child calm down before pointing out the problem: `It was wrong for you to bite me and you need to come and apologize to me.`

3. Actively protect children in front of others

Famous Chinese female MC Ly Tuong once took her daughter Vuong Thi Linh to see a performance.

When faced with malice, children will initially be unable to protect themselves.

English philosopher John Locke said, self-esteem is armor in every child’s life.

`Parents know how to care for children’s feelings and believe that children need to be respected as much as adults. Children will enter a positive cycle, believing in their own value and creating greater value for the world.`

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