Life inside the city controlled by Russian forces in Ukraine

Life inside the city controlled by Russian forces in Ukraine 2

Life inside the city controlled by Russian forces in Ukraine

Kherson, a shipbuilding center east of Odessa on the Black Sea coast, is Ukraine’s only major city now controlled by Russian forces after a month of military operations in the neighboring country.

Russian forces took control of the port city of Kherson, home to about 290,000 people, on March 3, after a three-day siege.

Russian soldiers on armored vehicles next to road signs towards the city of Kherson on February 24.

Four residents living in Kherson on March 25 denied the above information, telling CNN that Russian forces still completely control the city.

The situation of people in Kherson is said to be very difficult as they face many shortages of food and medicine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said on March 20 that soldiers had delivered an additional humanitarian aid shipment of 75 tons of necessities to Kherson.

The agency said Russian forces delivered essential food packages including cereals, pasta, sugar, canned foods, potatoes, fruits… to all people in difficulty in Kherson.

`Currently, stores and food markets in Kherson are open, but local traders have sharply increased prices of essential items due to food shortages. The majority of city residents cannot buy food due to Kherson authorities

Life inside the city controlled by Russian forces in Ukraine

Empty food shelves inside a supermarket in Kherson after Russia took control of the city.

According to Igor, a young man in his 20s born and raised in Kherson, since Russian forces took control of the city, his life has revolved around finding food.

Wandering the streets, Igor talked to people he met to ask where he could buy food, looking for food warehouses and some stores that were rumored to still have goods.

On March 11, Kherson’s last food warehouse closed, leaving many people feeling desperate, Igor said.

In videos shared online, a man in Kherson was tied to a tree, while the surrounding crowd continuously cursed and beat him.

Difficulties pile up even more when the weather becomes cold.

When his family’s food reserves run out, Igor said he plans to go fishing in rivers near his home.

Besides food, gas and medicine are also very scarce in Kherson.

In addition to local people, many foreigners are also stuck in Kherson.

One student told the BBC they kept hearing the `terrifying` sounds of gunfire, explosions and military planes passing overhead.

`We need to leave this place, things are not going easy for us,` one student said.

The Nigerian government says it is making unremitting efforts to help its students escape Kherson.

Meanwhile, the group of stranded students, including those from other African countries such as Cameroon, Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, said the university still had a small amount of food in reserve, but most

Life inside the city controlled by Russian forces in Ukraine

A destroyed tank on the streets of Kherson.

Stores that are still open sell basic foods at double or even triple the normal price.

Another student said the Russian military dropped basic foods such as vegetables, rice, pasta and water outside government buildings and near train and bus stations around the city.

`We came to this country to study and now we are stuck in the middle of a conflict, right on the front lines,` said one student.

The university advised students to only go out in groups and to wrap a white scarf around their left arm so Russian soldiers could see they were civilians.

Tens of thousands of African and South Asian students were studying at Ukrainian universities before the conflict broke out, many of whom were able to leave early.

But for those still stuck in Kherson, trying to find their own way out of the city is considered dangerous, although some are planning to hire taxi drivers to take them away.

Vu Hoang (According to BBC, Business Insider)

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