Lifting restrictions, America is playing with the fourth wave of Covid-19

Lifting restrictions, America is playing with the fourth wave of Covid-19 2

Lifting restrictions, America is playing with the fourth wave of Covid-19

After several weeks of progress in the fight against Covid-19, the downward trend in new infections in the US is leveling off.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on March 3 lifted the statewide mandatory mask order and removed all restrictions on businesses, declaring `it is time to open Texas 100%`.

Medical staff move a patient suspected of being infected with Covid-19 in Oklahoma, USA, last April.

While Texas, like most other states, was not yet happy to see the number of new Covid-19 infections decrease significantly from the peak in January, last week, the number of infections increased by 27%.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves also issued a similar order on March 3.

Like Texas, the above move was made when Mississippi experienced weeks of declining cases.

Public health officials have warned of a fourth wave of infection if the US lets down its guard against the pandemic.

`I don’t understand why they did that, but certainly, from a public health standpoint, it was a wrong action,` Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s leading epidemiologist, said in an interview.

Previously, Director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Rochelle Walensky admitted that a year of imposing restrictions had prompted a worrying change in people’s behavior.

`Endurance has weakened, fatigue and boredom are winning, and the very measures we took to prevent the epidemic are now clearly ignored,` Walensky said.

While Governors Abbott and Reeves have both received the Covid-19 vaccine, the percentage of people in Texas and Mississippi who have been vaccinated is still very low, only about 7% and 5%.

Lifting mandatory mask requirements and other restrictions in a context where too few people have been vaccinated carries enormous risks, experts say.

`The last thing we want right now is another wave of infections,` Fauci emphasized.

President Joe Biden’s administration has been able to speed up the production and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, but the question is whether the pace of vaccination of the population is fast enough to minimize the risk of the virus mutating.

More contagious variants from Britain, South Africa and Brazil have all entered the US.

But while the virus has not been stopped, the risk of a new vaccine-resistant variant emerging will increase.

`I am very concerned about their ability to escape immunity,` cardiologist Dr. Eric Topol said on March 4.

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