Man Utd finalizes $56 million price to buy ‘new Henry’

Man Utd finalizes $56 million price to buy 'new Henry' 2

Man Utd finalizes $56 million price to buy ‘new Henry’

Martial has been the target of Arsenal, Tottenham, Juventus and Chelsea since the beginning of the summer, but these teams then withdrew because they could not afford the sky-high transfer fee that Monaco demanded.

Man Utd entered the game late, but showed their willingness to play when they agreed to pay $56 million to own this 19-year-old talent.

Martial played well when Monaco became a phenomenon, reaching the quarterfinals of the Champions League last season.

However, the $56 million that Man Utd paid Monaco in advance was enough to turn Martial into the most expensive teenage player in football history, once he passed the medical examination and signed a contract with the team.

Martial, at noon local time yesterday, asked for permission and was given permission to leave the French team headquarters in Clairefontaine to fly to England to undergo a medical examination.

Man Utd then hired a jet to take Martial from Paris straight to Manchester.

Man Utd finalizes $56 million price to buy 'new Henry'

Martial (sitting in the backseat) when he was brought into Man Utd headquarters, Carrington, yesterday afternoon.

Martial was recruited by Monaco from Lyon in the summer of 2013 for only $5.6 million, one-tenth of the money they earned when selling him to Man Utd now.

Martial then continued to improve, becoming a mainstay for Monaco last season, when he scored nine goals in 35 appearances in Ligue 1. Martial is likened to a `new Thierry Henry`, having a similar playing style to the famous player.

The fact that Rooney lost the feeling of scoring goals, while the remaining strikers were all kicked out by Van Gaal because of lack of trust, pushed the `Red Devils` into a crisis of lacking a high-class striker.

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