Masks amid the corona pneumonia epidemic – human love pain

Masks amid the corona pneumonia epidemic - human love pain 13

Masks amid the corona pneumonia epidemic – human love pain

Faced with the news that some businesses were fined 20-30 million VND for selling masks 7 times more expensive, many VnExpress readers expressed their indignation at the act of raising prices and making illegal profits by `traders`.

Where is human love in times of trouble?

Where is their conscience?

Taking advantage of the sweat and efforts of others, taking advantage of the pain of humanity… these stores will be permanently closed and fines will be increased 10 times (20-30 million VND).

It is necessary for the Economic Police and Market Management to severely punish restaurants that raise prices and cut corners even though Tet has passed so that society will no longer have inflation and the economy will stabilize so that the country can move forward.

All pharmacies or places selling masks should be required to publicly list their prices.

Can’t just rely on kindness in the abstract.

The penalty for this act of profiteering is only about 5.5 million VND, which is nothing compared to the benefits they gain.

Not only hot penalties but also cold penalties must be imposed on all households with medical equipment business licenses: inflating prices, pushing prices, hoarding goods for profit, causing scarcity.

Business is so unethical.

Send the Market Manager to inspect the operations of the mask factory and then keep watch there. A large number of this force will check the number of stores and pharmacies selling masks. If the production is regular but the price is still inflated, then

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