Motorbikes are banned, how to go?

Motorbikes are banned, how to go? 13

Motorbikes are banned, how to go?

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A question that many people often ask when talking about the topic of banning motorbikes is `how to go if motorbikes are banned?`.

However, currently, public transportation cannot meet the needs of the people, so it will certainly not be possible to completely ban motorbikes at the present time.

At this point, many people ask `why not wait until public transportation is good enough before banning motorbikes?`.

So if we don’t take money from the State, we can only call for capital from the private sector.

>> If motorbikes are banned, buses will develop

Vietnamese people always put convenience above safety, so in their eyes, buses never reach the `good enough` standard that Vietnamese people always desire.

It is you, the motorcyclists, who on the one hand killed the bus, but on the other hand always shouted `develop buses, I will abandon motorbikes`.

Do you really want to develop buses or are you just making excuses to maintain motorbikes forever?

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At this time, the roadmap to ban motorbikes is like a guarantee from the State to investors: `Put money into public transport, I promise to eliminate all motorbikes so you can make a profit.`

The good news is that after Hanoi announced the roadmap to ban motorbikes, two major companies immediately planned to invest in two urban railway lines.

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