Nearly 100 mental patients in Dong Nai have Covid-19

Nearly 100 mental patients in Dong Nai have Covid-19 0

Nearly 100 mental patients in Dong Nai have Covid-19

The information was reported by the leaders of the two institutes to the Working Group of the Special Standing Section of the Ministry of Health, on August 26.

Doctor Vo Thanh Dong, Director of Central Psychiatric Hospital 2 (Bien Hoa City), said the hospital has a total of 1,145 patients, of which 9 were found to have Covid-19.

The hospital is preparing a plan in case the number of patients infected with the virus increases, it will change the function of the Pediatric Psychiatric Department to be a Covid-19 treatment facility.

Currently, 95% of hospital medical staff have been vaccinated, of which 70% have received two doses.

At the Bien Hoa Central Institute of Forensic Psychiatry (under the Ministry of Health, Tan Phong ward, Bien Hoa city), Director Bui The Hung said there are a total of nearly 600 patients, more than 130 medical officers and staff.

The Institute of Forensic Psychiatry has established an F0 treatment area and arranged an F1 isolation area for patients;

`Currently, the Institute has no serious cases, only a few cases with mild symptoms. We are preparing facilities, oxygen tanks, and medicine to prevent worse cases. If there are severe cases, they will be transferred to higher levels.`

Central Psychiatric Hospital 2 prepares the treatment area for seriously ill Covid-19 patients.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Hung, Deputy Director of Personnel Organization (Ministry of Health), assessed that epidemic prevention as well as care for mental patients with Covid-19 at the above two facilities `are doing quite well`.

Mr. Hung commented that treating and preventing Covid-19 epidemic at treatment and examination facilities for mental patients is very difficult.

Mental patients being treated for Covid-19 who do not do 5K (such as not wearing masks or keeping distance) are also very difficult to treat.

Mr. Hung suggested that psychiatric institutions create detailed epidemic response plans to treat patients well, especially protecting the safety of medical staff.

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