Need an ‘amnesty’ to restructure state-owned enterprises

Need an 'amnesty' to restructure state-owned enterprises 6

Need an ‘amnesty’ to restructure state-owned enterprises

– The government sets a goal of equitizing 500 state-owned enterprises before 2015, proposing a number of tough solutions such as replacing leaders of units that are slow to equitize… How do you feel about the goal and

Mr. Nguyen Tran Bat is a lawyer and economic expert.

– I find this is not an easy goal because what has been done is now very difficult to fix.

Even banks are preparing in that direction, creating the concept of cross-ownership.

That’s why restructuring is difficult, let alone equitization, because equitization is only a solution to restructuring.

– So how can we reduce confusion and limit cross-ownership in the upcoming equitization process?

Economic expert Nguyen Tran Bat said that cross-ownership is a big problem for restructuring state-owned enterprises.

– In principle, it is not possible.

Without economic amnesty, there will be no regularization of the status of certain assets.

Equitization is not money laundering.

– Many positive moves have been shown by management agencies and businesses recently.

– Firstly, I think it’s still too early to conclude that we have seen all the `booms` that need to be resolved.

I don’t see any hope in the current equitization process.

At the macro level, there are some positive features, but the specifics have not yet come because they have not been theoretically released.

– We have many businesses that many investors and strategic partners are waiting for.

– It is true that there are investors but besides that, there are also vultures.

If we stop at the level of assessing the entire macroeconomic outlook of the economy, there are also some aspects that show the progress of management.

To focus on the topic of restructuring, the first meeting of the year between Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and corporations this year was determined to be the Conference to Deploy the Restructuring Tasks of State-owned Enterprises.

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