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In the current Covid-19 context, runners have to stay at home and have no conditions to practice.

To cope, the coaches of the BoiDapChay (Swim-Bike-Run) Club advise some of the following exercises to maintain physical fitness and at the same time help control weight gain and lose weight.

Jumping rope is considered a useful exercise to strengthen muscles and maintain physical strength.

Jump rope to stay physically fit

Jumping rope is a popular exercise used by many professional athletes around the world when Europe and the US were locked down in 2020. This is also the favorite exercise of famous coach Brett Sutton.

According to Sutton, jumping rope will help runners run faster and is the best method to maintain fitness, if unable to go out.

The dance movements are not complicated.


Le Quang Hoa instructs how to practice jumping rope

Jumping rope exercise of athlete Le Quang Hoa.

Runners with good physical fitness and experience as well as long-term running training can try jumping for three minutes, resting for one minute and repeating five times.

If you are new to jumping rope and new to running, you can start by jumping 50-100 times (takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute), rest a bit and repeat.

Additional gym exercises at home do not require equipment

In addition to the jumping rope exercise mentioned above, to develop muscles, runners can also practice additional exercises for the muscles used when running such as thigh muscles, buttocks and abdominal muscles.

According to coach Cao Ngoc Ha of BoiDapChay, when talking about support and injury avoidance, runners should not consider the leg muscles as separate blocks.

The video below is an example of that comprehensive workout.


5 exercises to increase fitness for runners

Five muscle strengthening exercises for runners.

These exercises are not too heavy so you can do them after jumping rope.

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