Obama was given cigars, gold statues, and diamonds

Obama was given cigars, gold statues, and diamonds 1

Obama was given cigars, gold statues, and diamonds

Fox News cited documents released by the US State Department yesterday showing that the Cuban government gave Mr. Obama many of the country’s famous consumer products worth more than $2,000 during his two-year final term.

Former President Obama, his family and officials in his administration were given many luxurious gifts.

In 2015, President Raul Castro gave Mr. Obama 205 unbranded cigars, a cigar humidor, a cigar cutter, and a bottle of rum.

Cuba sent the above gifts due to the former US president’s efforts to ease bilateral tensions, including lifting the ban on importing Cuban alcohol and cigarettes.

Deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes also received cigars, jewelry and a music CD with a total value of $670.

US officials are allowed to accept gifts from foreign leaders and governments if refusing causes embarrassment to both sides.

In 2016, the Cuban president gave then-US First Lady Michelle Obama a white linen dress and a large decorative ceramic plate, estimated to be worth nearly $1,200.

Among the special gifts that Mr. Obama was given were a gold and silver statue decorated with precious stones, a silver letter opener and a pen worth nearly $60,000 from Saudi King Salman.

However, the most expensive gifts came from the king of Morocco, which was a gold-plated brooch studded with diamonds and rubies, a gold clutch with a clasp studded with emeralds and diamonds, diamond earrings and

Expensive tobacco and alcohol products seem to be the most chosen gifts for US officials, especially intelligence agencies.

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