Obsession with having to own a house after 10 years of starting a business in Saigon

Obsession with having to own a house after 10 years of starting a business in Saigon 21

Obsession with having to own a house after 10 years of starting a business in Saigon

After 10 years of starting a business, some people had to return to their homeland and live a simple life of living on porridge every day because they could not make any achievements in a foreign land while the future was still unclear.

In 2011, I graduated from university.

You didn’t hear wrong.

In March 2012, my mother passed away less than half a year after I graduated from school.

In September 2012, I stayed in a loft in District 7, a month’s accommodation was equal to more than third of my salary.

On October 20 of that year, I had no money.

Those were the days when I stayed up until 2 a.m. at the company to plow hoe, with my friend who studied at Da Nang Polytechnic in the past, sharing with me `I have 400 thousand dong left, give me 200 thousand`.

My girlfriend forced me to quit because that company treated me so badly.

Later, I read many posts by people claiming to be `construction engineers` on this Facebook.

I always believe that in any situation, you must always look at the right side of the problem.

Choose a place to start your career and the woman of your life

After leaving the first company.

It’s difficult, but I never give up.

I bought a house today, I really don’t have any help from my parents or grandparents.

On a rainy night in 2018, friends and brothers came to attend the wedding.

But this life is very good.

At that time, I liked a quote that Haibara commented about Shinichi in the famous Detective Conan comic: `We haven’t known him for long, but his personality is strange. If anything is difficult, just keep quiet and solve it alone. I don’t understand.`

By 2019, I embarked on a new opportunity.

Dream wife and house

Over the past two years, my obsession with buying a house has reached its peak.

My wife always comforts me: `We both live happily, travel from time to time, and have money in our accounts. You can put your emphasis on it, I’m fine with anything.`

My wife is taking care of and decorating the newly purchased house.

And it must be said that, as our grandparents used to say, `the husband’s work belongs to the wife`.

I don’t care about money, give me 500,000 VND every week, give me 200-300,000 VND for each party and I’m happy.

Besides the husband’s efforts, each of us needs a wife’s diligence, and that woman will help you buy a house.

In the end, God loves those who have good hearts, and with friends’ guidance, they were able to buy a house within their price range.

What I advise here is not a book on how to get rich or how to become a human being, because it is not enough to advise people to be rich.

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