Patients in Korea are abandoned when a medical professor resigns

Patients in Korea are abandoned when a medical professor resigns 7

Patients in Korea are abandoned when a medical professor resigns

In Daegu city, a 39-year-old mother planned to take her child for examination at Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital, following previous instructions from local doctors.

Another bladder infection patient had a similar situation.

Amid the wave of resignations of medical professors and strikes of resident doctors, more and more patients fear their medical treatment will be interrupted.

Faced with this situation, patients and families call on doctors to return to their side.

Yoon, a chronic patient in his 80s who is being treated at Seoul National University Hospital, feels he may not be able to survive the doctors’ departure.

`I almost have no life left. My family and I are extremely worried if there is no doctor,` he added.

Lee Jun, 32 years old, has to take care of his mother who has cancer, and is also desperate.

Professors and interns at the Korean National University medical school in Seoul chant slogans against increasing enrollment quotas, March 25.

Starting today, medical professors at many university hospitals decided to submit their resignations and reduce working hours to support the strike of resident doctors and junior interns.

Professors said they would only negotiate if the government completely canceled its plan to increase medical school enrollment quotas.

`Unless the government reverses the decision to increase enrollment targets, the ongoing crisis will have no end. If the government withdraws its plan, we are ready to discuss the remaining issues in front of the public.`

The Korean Medical Professors Association’s request could further complicate the government’s dialogue efforts.

By 2035, 30% of South Korea’s population will be 65 years old or older.

More than 9,000 intern and resident doctors have been on strike to protest, since February 20, arguing that this will affect the quality of medical services, causing higher medical examination and treatment costs.

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