Pet dog defecates in luxury apartment

Pet dog defecates in luxury apartment 10

Pet dog defecates in luxury apartment

Sympathizing with the story `Conflict with neighbors because of dog defecating in front of the house`, many readers shared their frustration:

My house is in an apartment building, everyone calls it a luxury apartment building, but the residents’ consciousness is not civilized, polite, or culturally expressive.

Calling the Management Board did nothing because when they went to check, the dog did not defecate.

In my neighborhood, there are several couples of young men and women staying at the boarding house. They hug their dogs like children and dress very civilized and polite, but they always take their dogs out into the street and secretly defecate at other people’s doors.

My neighbors are the same and are constantly reminded of this at neighborhood meetings.

Opposite my house, there is a house that I just moved into for about two years.

My house is full of neighbors who have dogs and have to open the door early every morning to see if there are any `mines` to sweep out holes. If they don’t go to work, they will get run over by taking their cars out.

The apartment I live in is quite flexible and sympathetic to households that keep pet dogs.

My neighbors let their dogs out to defecate indiscriminately.

>> What do you do when your neighbor’s dog defecates in front of your house?

‘Raise civilized dogs before talking about stopping eating dog meat’

‘Civilization does not come from quitting eating dog meat’

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