Que Tran loves Cai Luong but still dreams of cinema

Que Tran loves Cai Luong but still dreams of cinema 2

Que Tran loves Cai Luong but still dreams of cinema

– On the night of the HTV Award, Que Tran was the only artist who burst into tears on the podium to receive the award.

– Surprising because this is the first time this award honors a Cai Luong artist.

Artist Que Tran is a shining star of Cai Luong art.

– How do you feel when receiving this title?

–  Happiness burst out.

9 years after receiving the Tran Huu Trang award, I continue to be supported by the audience, following every step of my artistic journey, which makes me more confident that Cai Luong will not fade away or disappear.

– If someone comments that because you are an artist in a steamy genre like Cai Luong, you also have a sentimental nature, what would you say?

– The fact that I cried when I received the award was not an unnecessary cry.

When Mr. Trung Dan stood on the podium to receive the Favorite Comedian award, I was emotional.

Que Tran loves Cai Luong but still dreams of cinema

Entering Que Tran’s house, the first impressive image is two large, long shelves built on the wall very solemnly.

– As one of the few young Cai Luong artists who are famous and loved, how do you feel about the ups and downs of Cai Luong art today?

– Journalists often ask me how I feel about the ups and downs of a Cai Luong artist’s life.

I have not seen with my own eyes what the golden age of Cai Luong was like, and today I still perform regularly and still make a living from performing and singing, so I have not really felt that Cai Luong is slipping or going downhill.

From the day I joined the `music career until now`, I have never felt pessimistic, depressed or wanted to quit my job.

– Perhaps because you were born into a family with 5 generations of attachment to the art of opera and cai luong, a foundation that is so solid, you have not yet felt all the hardships of cai luong today, what do you think?

– That’s only partly true.

– Besides Cai Luong, what other art fields do you want to venture into?

– I like movies.

– Which teachings of your father – Meritorious Artist Thanh Tong do you remember the most?

– My father is a person who is very passionate about Cai Luong.

My father always taught me to live and work hard, not to be subjective, not to be complacent, not to rest on victory, to respect and love my job, and to have the ethics of respecting my teacher.

On the evening of April 29, at the Ho Chi Minh City Student Cultural House, a reformed live show took place in which Que Tran grew up in the city.

In part 2, Que Tran will perform traditional songs such as: Saigon Girl Loading Ammunition, Voluntary to open and end the show.

In addition, artist Que Tran also talked with young people about the role and position of young people on the occasion of April 30, and awarded scholarships to poor students who are studious;

Performed by Thoai Ha

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