Riding the bus, I freely choose how to live

Riding the bus, I freely choose how to live 19

Riding the bus, I freely choose how to live

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As the author of the article I woke up at 5am to catch the bus to work, I have read through everyone’s opinions, and see that the negative opinion is still the main one.

What is enough life not to take the bus?

>> ‘If you want buses to develop, you must accept sacrificing personal vehicles’

My parents are retired, they are not rich, but they have enough finances and are currently healthy and able to take care of themselves.

I graduated from university, and my experience at that time was no different from articles about new graduates.

I am confident in myself, even dare to frankly express critical opinions to my boss and colleagues in meetings.

>> Paradox from the bus’s apology

I can’t contribute anything to society, I just try to take the bus to reduce the load on personal vehicles, don’t throw trash, spit indiscriminately, don’t drink, gamble, use stimulants, and don’t steal.

`You have to take care of your children, take care of your grandchildren, take care of your husband…` is always an excuse for married people to use when they want to refuse to do something, just like getting married is a prison without a door.

Of course I also see the hardship of those people, but getting married and having children is everyone’s choice, no one forces them.

Then because of that, I had a lot of free time and had time to take the bus.

My mother urged me more and more, saying that she felt extremely embarrassed that her children had grown up without a family, without grandchildren to hold, unlike other people’s children.

>> ‘Bus is not a profitable business’

I don’t argue with that because I’m not old, and my life is good.

Luckily, my parents never used negative ways to pressure me, so all I did was ignore their wishes.

I don’t have any lessons learned to advise anyone.

Hope to meet young people on the bus one day soon.

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Have to catch the bus at 5 a.m. to get to work at 7 a.m.?

‘The bus is like an abandoned daughter-in-law’

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