Seeking help in vain from Brazil

Seeking help in vain from Brazil 3

Seeking help in vain from Brazil

Last week, Brazil became the second country to surpass 400,000 deaths from Covid-19, only after the United States.

In March, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro asked international organizations for help.

However, what Brazil received after this request for help were mainly `shrugs` and criticism, while the US, UK and many other countries declared they would `do everything possible` to help India.

Mother and son hugged each other at the funeral of their father who died of Covid-19 at Campo da Esperanca cemetery, Brasilia, Brazil, on April 29.

`What is happening in Brazil is a tragedy that could have been prevented. Wrong political decisions led to this tragedy,` a member of the European Parliament told the Brazilian ambassador to the EU during the session.

`Instead of declaring war on the virus, Bolsonaro declared war on science, medicine, common sense and lives,` another person said.

The contrast in the international community’s handling of the two crises shows how much Brazil’s cumulative diplomatic failures have damaged the country’s Covid-19 prevention work, commentator Terrence

`The image that Brazil has spent decades building as an environmentally focused, gentle and multilateral nation has been shattered by a presidential administration that offends many countries around the world.

Bolsonaro, the far-right nationalist and anti-multilateralist president, once responded to a comment on social networks criticizing the appearance of French First Lady Brigitte Macron, an action that President Emmanuel Macron

Bolsonaro’s chief of staff then also accused Macron of `having colonial and imperialist intentions`, when the G7 agreed to support the handling of the forest fire disaster in the Amazon in August 2019 at the request of the French President.

During last year’s US election, Bolsonaro supported former president Donald Trump’s baseless claims of fraud.

For many months, Bolsonaro’s cabinet members have continuously attacked China and mocked the country’s vaccines.

In addition to misjudged diplomacy, the Brazilian federal government is also accused of responding to Covid-19 in an unscientific way, downplaying the severity of the pandemic.

When the pandemic broke out, Bolsonaro called on people to live as normal, leading to a situation where people violated the restrictive measures implemented by state governments.

`The whole world is trying to help India, but Bolsonaro has become an international problem, to the point that no one is willing to help him. No one is saying anything about providing significant support to Brazil,` Mauricio Santoro, journalist

When asked why the US did not urgently help Brazil like India, a US State Department spokesman provided a list of Washington’s aid worth more than $20 million to Brasilia.

Many other countries have not completely turned their backs on Brazil.

The EU and its member states have provided Brazil with about $28 million in grants since the start of the pandemic, according to an alliance spokesman.

Seeking help in vain from Brazil

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at an online conference in Brasilia, Brazil, on April 22.

However, commentator McCoy said that the lack of more significant support, or displays of international solidarity amid Brazil’s most desperate months, has proven the price to pay for diplomacy.

`Even if Trump is president, the US can still resolve the situation because they do not depend too much on the world and can produce their own vaccines. But for Brazil, this is a reversal of traditional foreign policy.`

Commentator McCoy pointed out the Bolsonaro government’s big mistake of being aggressive with China, while Brazil depends on raw materials for vaccine production from this country.

In April 2020, former Brazilian education minister Abraham Weintraub made racist comments against China, sparking criticism from both Beijing and the Brazilian Supreme Court.

Beijing has warned of `negative consequences` if similar statements continue to be made.

`The Chinese invented the virus. Their vaccine is also less effective than the US,` Guedes said.

Michael Shifter, president of the Washington-based think tank Inter-American Dialogue, said the people who are paying the price for President Bolsonaro’s diplomatic confrontation are ordinary Brazilians.

`The people of Brazil are suffering the consequences and dying. Therein lies the tragedy,` Shifter said.

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