Split apartments into ‘medium’ packages of 30,000 billion VND

Split apartments into 'medium' packages of 30,000 billion VND 4

Split apartments into ‘medium’ packages of 30,000 billion VND

Typically, Khang Gia Real Estate Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, thanks to adjusting the small and medium area for the Khang Gia Tan Huong project (Tan Phu district) more than a year ago, saved the `luck`

From a project with a high-end location, only a large area, but facing a persistently quiet market, the investor repeatedly applied for adjustment.

Deputy General Director of Khang Gia Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company, Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Chung shared: `We were indeed lucky because we adjusted the project more than a year ago. Currently, the project has completed construction.

Mr. Chung said that the business has received notice and advice from the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) West Saigon Branch to lend up to 80% of the apartment value, with an interest rate of 6% per year.

The Khang Gia Tan Huong project (Tan Phu district), also known as Lucky Apartment, is a typical case of `luck` with the VND 30,000 billion support package thanks to many times adjusting the apartment area a whole year before Resolution 02.

The case of Lucky Apartment is no exception.

Restarting from April, IDE Vietnam divided large apartments into smaller units, bringing the total number of apartments to 376, which means an increase of 119 products and up to 60% of apartments with an area of 49-70 m2.

The leader of Hoa Binh real estate floor, the unit distributing this project, revealed that although Green Hills was not on the list of projects proposed for a 30,000 billion loan package, there were still many project buyers who received proposals.

Many projects, thanks to their `acumen` in locating low-cost small-area houses from the beginning, were easily nominated for the list eligible for preferential loans.

Split apartments into 'medium' packages of 30,000 billion VND

Thanks to the product positioning of small-area, low-cost apartments, from 579 million VND per apartment, Cheery Apartment is on the list of 9 projects in Ho Chi Minh City eligible to access the 30,000 billion VND package.

Accordingly, Hoang Quan was appraised by Agribank to consider providing housing support loans to customers buying Cheery 3 Apartments according to Resolution 02, with a total expected loan need of VND 315 billion.

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Construction said that the city is considering allowing 9 commercial housing projects to support customers with preferential loans according to Resolution 02. Ho Chi Minh City is expected to have a total of 2,260 apartments with an area of less than 70 m2.

At the conference on the recovery prospects of the real estate market held in mid-June, Director of the State Bank’s Credit Department, Nguyen Viet Manh analyzed: `There are many projects boldly converting from commercial housing to communal housing.

According to Mr. Manh, these changes contribute to adjusting the real estate market structure to suit social needs.

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