State-owned enterprises must also be equal under the law

State-owned enterprises must also be equal under the law 3

State-owned enterprises must also be equal under the law

The Enterprise Law Project (amended) submitted to the National Assembly this term includes 10 chapters and 220 articles.

In the verification report on the revised Enterprise Law this morning, Chairman of the Economic Committee Nguyen Van Giau said that there are some opinions suggesting that the draft revised Enterprise Law should have a separate chapter to regulate business activities.

However, the majority of opinions suggested that there should not be a separate chapter or section regulating state-owned enterprises in the Law.

The revised Enterprise Law recognizes

In addition, according to Mr. Giau, there are suggestions to supplement regulations on equitization of enterprises, creating a legal basis to speed up the process of restructuring state-owned enterprises;

This revised draft of the Enterprise Law acknowledges the existence of social enterprises.

According to Mr. Vinh, there are currently about 1,200 operating businesses with characteristics like social enterprises in Vietnam;

The Economic Committee’s verification report said that the majority of opinions approved of the regulation of social enterprises because they believed that this was a recognition of their actual existence.

However, according to Mr. Giau, the way the provisions are stipulated in the proposed Law may cause misunderstanding that this is a new type of business in addition to the current types of limited liability companies, joint stock companies, partnerships and

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