Teach your children to make money or dream?

Teach your children to make money or dream? 16

Teach your children to make money or dream?

Debating whether to tell children positive or frank things about life, many VnExpress readers expressed their support for speaking frankly, telling the truth, not avoiding or pretending:

Correct education is not fake or deceitful.

My children are in grades 1 and 2. I analyze with my children what fixed expenses the family must spend each month, and what expenses will arise?

I do not agree with these types of answers that lie and look down on children.

I still answer frankly for my children to understand that `mommy has to go to work because she has to take care of her grandfather, buy food for her children, buy clothes and other things. Mom’s duty is to go to work to take care of herself.`

We should not make up beautiful reasons for going to work because of this or that.

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However, many opinions have the opposite opinion, saying that saying good things to children will have a more positive impact than harsh realities:

To put it bluntly, it’s like destroying children’s dreams.

Nowadays, people are rushing into the materialistic spiral.

My mother often shares with me about work, saying `she is very tired`.

It’s the same thing, but there is a saying `words are worth buying`. If you can speak without hurting others, is that still the right thing to do?

Don’t people quit their jobs for the same reasons: in a company full of enemies, no friends, working without learning anything, working without having fun… or what?

Actually, I have never encountered that kind of question from my child.

Parents should instill positive thoughts in everything in their children and help them understand the happiness of labor and work.

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